Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Continental Suavity of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

The appalling Dominique Strauss-Kahn seems to be caught in a media death-spiral as More Strauss-Kahn Rumors Emerge:

Former International Monetary Fund (IMF) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn attempted to lure two attractive hotel employees to his $3,000-a-night New York hotel suite -- and later put the moves on an Air France flight attendant following his alleged sexual assault on a maid, the New York Post reported Sunday.

"What a nice ass!" he barked to the attendant, using the lewd French expression "Quel beau cul!" as she prepared the business-class cabin for takeoff last Saturday. [TSB note: that expression might come in handy if DSK does a prison term in New York. I'm just saying.]

His catcall came just moments before Port Authority detectives hauled him off the plane, French magazine Le Point reported.

The final act of lust capped a whirlwind weekend of attempted womanizing for the former front-runner of the 2012 French presidential election.

The frisky Frenchman first tried his seduction skills on a VIP receptionist who escorted him to his suite at the Sofitel hotel Friday evening, law enforcement sources said.

When he got to his room, the 62 year old asked the "attractive" worker to join him for a glass of Champagne after her shift -- an invitation she described to authorities as "inappropriate" and that she rejected on the spot, the sources said.

Strauss-Kahn, a married father of four, then tried his game the following day on the desk receptionist who first checked him in, described by a source as an "attractive woman who caught his eye."

He asked her to join him in his suite, where he had a complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne. The woman said that, at first, he was "borderline flirting," and she declined the sordid invite, according to sources.

His attempted seductions came to light after investigators interviewed every Sofitel employee and pored over more than 48 hours of video footage, including recordings of Strauss-Kahn bolting from the hotel Saturday afternoon without checking out.

That offer of a glass of fine champagne (which you must pronounce "shah-pah-nyuh") when DSK tried to close the deal with two hotel employees reminded me of where I'd seen him before.

Check out this hidden security camera video from the Sofitel Hotel's VIP suite:


The Snake's Mommy said...

Related story:

N.Y. case highlights daily dangers faced by hotel maids
'These customers think they can use us for anything they want,' says one housekeeper

Great find TSB. Thanks!

TSB said...

The reaction to the DSK business is so illuminating, culturally. The financial-political elite (and not just the one in Europe) is outraged that the designated next President of France can be sent to jail in handcuffs based on the complaint of a humble cleaning woman.

Anonymous said...

Living at the same hotel for 4 years
I got to know almost everyone like family. It constantly amazed me how
the most wonderful and bright staff people would be treated like dirt by a small % of the guests. A lot of people can't pass on the chance to make someone else miserable. (These were US Military!) gwb

Anonymous said...

Linking to The Continental, and the best of all The Continental skits, is brilliant, dude.