Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How Did He Think He'd Get Away With That?

From the (Magical) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have this story of spurned love and revenge gone wrong, Saudi man avenges ex-wife with $80,000 road fines, but plan backfires:
Saudi’s highways authorities have cleared a woman of traffic fines totaling $80,000, even though it was her car involved in the offences.

The woman’s car was the one being driven, but it was her estranged husband at the wheel shortly after she filed for divorce as a form of revenge.

The jilted man committed a whopping 375 traffic offences in Jeddah, in the woman’s car, Saudi daily Okaz reported.

The woman initially received the fines, but after explaining what had happened, the authorities transferred to her ex-husband’s name.

Come on, buddy! That plan was never going to work. "They'd be driving cars, but they're not allowed, you see."


Anonymous said...

TSB: I love that song! And here is Jason Chaffetz (and friends) with 4 minutes chock full of hypocrisy! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Speaking of self-reliance, Cenk's mom only had a high school education but she started a fine textile business in the US and supplies the White House and Queen Elizabeth with napkins and tablecloths that are famous around the world. Happy Intl Women's day to her! gwb

James said...

It will take me awhile to get back up off the floor.

TSB said...

James, you might like Remy's "Saudis in Audis" on YouTube.