Sunday, March 26, 2017

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

Idaho woman blames car crash on sasquatch - Moscow, Idaho (AP)

The woman told Benewah County Sheriff's officials that she saw a sasquatch chasing a deer on the side of the road while driving. She says she checked one of her mirrors to get a second look at the beast and when she looked up, the deer ran in front of her.

Photo: Associated Press


Anonymous said...

HA HA TSB!! Can you imagine how rich she would be if she had the new rear-view Sasquatch Cam?

POTLATCH TRUMP VOTERS have to have GREAT imaginations cause they can't smoke pot. Ever since the 1907 mill shut down in 1981 Sasquatch hunters have been the biggest news in town. gwb

James said...

Of course there are a million Hillary jokes in that photo, but I wont' tell any, no no!

Anonymous said...

TSB: I forget, what year was it we gave up freedom of speech? gwb
Is Twitter Now Censoring Drudge Report?

Anonymous said...

TSB: Mika needs to learn to cut these Obama officials off before they spill the beans. gwb (problem: Mika doesn't know beans about the beans.)

Furthermore, Farkas effectively corroborated a New York Times article from early March which cited "Former American officials" as their anonymous source regarding efforts to leak this surveillance on the Trump team to Democrats across Washington DC.

I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia. So then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew they were trying to also get information to the hill.That's why you have the leaking.

Anonymous said...

TSB: The six year Syrian proxy war to dethrone president Bashar al Assad quietly ended with a whimper yesterday when at a news conference in the Turkish capital, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested the end of Bashar Assad’s presidency is no longer a prerequisite for a way out of the Syrian crisis, in a dramatic U-turn from Washington’s long-held policy.

I love seeing John McCain foaming at the mouth!

Anonymous said...


First report last nite said plastic covering electric wires caught on fire.. that sounded unlikely..more likely somebody's Hibachi got out of control and lit off the construction stuff that shouldn't have been there. Just need to triple that transportation tax and everything will be fine in Hotlanta! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: It wasn't the Hibachi brothers in Atlanta, it was another setback in the war on drugs:
Eleby, 39, has been arrested 19 times since
2000, mostly on drug offenses, according to Fulton County jail records. He was last arrested in 2014 in Fulton County for the sale and trafficking of cocaine.

Rep. John Lewis says the Feds will pay for half and the State half. So all it takes to bring down a freeway is a big pile of PVC? AND now you can't take your laptops on the plane? Looks like we are a bit vulnerable. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: McCain can console himself with the war on ISIS that has now stepped into high gear. Before long, that could be the only war he's got left.

The Atlanta interstate fire was quite an eye-opener regarding critical infrastructure. I'm glad they caught somebody. Maybe that'll shut down the inevitable ISIS theories.

James: Are you saying HRC has been walking in the woods far from the New York City suburbs? That's a long ways to roam.

James said...

Well when you don't have a pantsuit slowing you down you can cover a lot of ground.