Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Preserve These Tweets For Future Generations

Regarding the Library of Congress's future Twitter archive, I suggest that LOC set aside a Jared Cohen Reading Room so that Americans a hundred years from now will be able to immerse themselves in the inner monologue that he so generously shares with the world each day.

If you haven't been following his tweets, here is some of what you have missed in just the last two weeks:

-- @scottbelsky my bet is on best-seller!

-- @Farah_Pandith make sure you get the Timbuktu stamp! I was at that Mosque in 2002, it is amazing. Go see mud mosque at Djenee too

-- Example of why I think DARPA is awesome! highlight is at 1:23...

-- Headed to DARPA w/@alecjross this morning. DARPA created the Internet as well as various cool robots!

-- Want to once again wish @katiewdowd a happy birthday!

-- Having lunch w/my favorite "princess warrior" @padmasree in DC #RusTechDel

-- Still in search of answers to yesterday's tumbleweed incident

-- @coolmaz you are right, corrected :)

-- @padmasree, when are you in DC? I better see my favorite warrior while you are in town. No excuses :)

-- Does snoozing actually make you more tired? Is it less practical than sleeping the extra 30 minutes? What's the science of all this?

-- Besides common sense, are there any studies that suggest sleep is less sound w/the tv on?

-- @gideonyago remember "searching for a matzah ball in Doha"

Jared is only - what? - something like twenty-two years old. The LOC can reasonably expect to harvest another 60 or more years of his daily tweets. Judging by the last two weeks, that would definitely be a cultural patrimony worth protecting.

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