Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shocking Revelation About Andrew Warren

The WaPo's SpyTalk column has some more details on the arrest of Andrew Warren, the former CIA Station Chief who today resides in the hospital wing of the Norfolk, Virginia, City Jail.

Ex-CIA fugitive was subdued with Taser:

Ex-CIA operative Andrew Warren had to be subdued twice with electric shocks when a fugitive task force tried to arrest him at a Norfolk hotel this week, according to law enforcement sources.

“He appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” a law enforcement official, who asked for anonymity in exchange for quoting from a field report on the incident, said of Warren.

The official said that Warren, ordered to put his hands behind his head, “made numerous affirmative movements toward his mid-torso,” when police spotted a gun handle in his waistband.

Police then shocked Warren, 42, with a Taser, which shoots an electrically charged wire at a target. When Warren continued to struggle, he was “dry-tasered,” or stunned with a direct application to his back.

He was tasered twice? I'll bet that hurt.

Some of his former colleagues, however, say they were not surprised at the turn of events.

They say that Warren, a Muslim convert, had earned an unsavory reputation long before his prestigious Algiers assignment, citing what they said was a habit of frequenting strip clubs and prostitutes with his informants.

“He was despised by his peers, in training and in the division, after graduation,” said one former colleague, echoing the views of a handful of others.

“His conduct in Algeria was not a surprise or aberration. These personality and performance issues were on display in his three previous tours.”

There's a bit more background on Warren and his fast-rising, and even faster-falling, CIA career from ABC News.


A Daring Adventure said...

Oh my goodness... tasered TWICE? Under the influence? Moving toward a gun handle? Despised by his peers? Frequented strip clubs and prostitutes?

That does NOT sound like a Nice Man.

TSB said...

No, not at all a model for the rest of us Civil Servants.