Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blowin' In The Wind People's Republic

In case you don't follow Bob Dylan news all that closely, you might not know that he performed at a concert in Shanghai, China, two days ago. That was news because the Chinese Ministry of Culture had refused permission for him to play two concerts in the People's Republic last year. (The Chi-Coms insist on approving the songs that will be performed before they allow touring foreigners like Dylan into their country.)

So what was different this year? This year, Mr. Tambourine Man caved and submitted to censorship. His boot heels won't be wandering to a less culturally repressive marketplace.

That resulted in a great outpouring of puns on the theme of how "the times they are a-changin'" (here). My favorite quote:

Personally, how silly is it that the Cultural Bureau felt the need to censor him in the first place? Even people who understand English have trouble making out what he's saying, not to mention Dylan is so unknown here that Xinmin ran a story about his upcoming concerts with a photo of country crooner Willie Nelson instead.

They mistook the Redneck Dalai Lama for Dylan? In fairness to Xinmin, I guess round-eye 60s' leftovers do all look alike.

But back to Dylan. Is he embarrassed? No. As he says these days, "I used to care but things have changed."

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