Friday, April 29, 2011

Ironic Phase Of The Day

The WaPo had this zinger in an article today on ballistic underwear for U.S. troops in Afghanistan:

The Pentagon this month put out a rush order solicitation, spotted by our colleague Walter Pincus, for “27,500 ballistic undergarments” for $2 million, noting that “ballistic underwear is currently being used by British forces” in Afghanistan “and they have significantly less injuries” to their privates as a result.

I'm sure their Corporals, Sergeants, and Other Ranks have benefited as well.


NoDoubleStandards said...

Okay, that's awesome. Don't the family jewels deserve the very best in protection?

Anonymous said...

How about AKU'S? (anti-kinetic underware) gwb

TSB said...

AKUs is good. Armored Undies, Anti-Frag Fig Leafs, BVDs (Boxers, Very Defensive), Highly Personal Protective Equipment, and CUPs (Combat Underwear, Protective) could all work.

It sounds awfully uncomfortable to go into combat wearing kevlar bicycle shorts under your uniform pants, but it's undoubtedly a good trade-off for fragmentation protection.