Wednesday, April 6, 2011

White House Issues Af/Pak Situation Report; Best Described As "Grim"

H/T to Foreign Policy's Af/Pak Channel blog for noting White House issues stark report on Pakistan:

The Obama administration yesterday submitted its twice-annual report [here] on the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan to Congress, grimly stating that there is "no clear path toward defeating the insurgency in Pakistan, despite the unprecedented and sustained deployment of over 147,000 [Pakistani] forces" (McClatchy, Post, Reuters, FT, BBC). The report expressed concern about Pakistan's failure to sustain counterinsurgency operations against militants in the country's northwest, noting that Pakistani forces have had to conduct three major operations in Mohmand agency in the last two years, though the unclassified report made no explicit calls for further operations, especially in troubled North Waziristan (WSJ, AFP). The report also called Pakistan's worsening economic situation "the greatest threat to Pakistan's stability over the medium term" (NYT).


Anonymous said...

TSB:I read the report. Thanks! I understand why Gen. Petreaus says he is tired and wants to come home. Just reading that thing has made me very tired... and I'm already home. GWB

Anonymous said...

TSB: I think Pepe Escobar has this thing correct. He says Hillary/Obama/Gates made a deal with Saudia Arabia. You take Barhain. We'll take E.Libyan oil. Remember NO US TROOPS!
General: U.S. may consider troops in Libya

Anonymous said...

TSB: After reading this article today in ATimes I think I understand Afpak a little better. It would seem Pak needs US $ a lot more than AF .. and making peace for Karzai promises great benefits. He is the guy who could make the deals. Pak and China want those deals. gwb The great Afghan carve-up
By Brian M Downing