Monday, April 11, 2011

What Part Of "Spend The Money" Didn't You Understand?

The State Department has been curiously slow to start spending $$ on internet freedom initiatives.

Now, Senator Lugar, ranking minority member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has written a letter to Hillary Clinton asking why she hasn't responded to congressional prodding. He ends with the question: "Should Congress take more remedial, legislative action?”

Humm. Evidently, this is one budget line item that Congress thinks is really essential. Could get interesting.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Give us a heads up when that hearing is scheduled... I bet Hillary won't show but will send a gang of three feisty feminists(think Susan Rice)to put those guys in their place. GWB

Anonymous said...

TSB: It looks like the drone strikes
"light switch" is located in Panetta's office and he had the ISI
guy in yesterday to watch him turn it back on! Maybe the "real war" is in Pakistan... where we aren't?? GWB

Anonymous said...

TSB: With guys like this leading the war on terror and fighting to keep Sharia Law from taking over the country what could possibly go wrong?


GWB said...

TSB: Come to think of it, when is the last time our revered foreign policy guys in the Senate accomplished anything worthwhile? Hillary knows congress is just a gutless lapdog. Throw them a couple "Petreaus quotes" and they will politely shut up and keep voting the money. GWB