Monday, April 4, 2011

Buy Jimmy Carter's Old Stuff

Seating is limited, so hurry.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to pick up Jimmy Carter memorabilia. I wonder if they'll auction off the sledgehammer he used to beat on the economy with?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Watchit TSB. I voted for THAT GUY TOO! Remember when he was attacked by that rabbit while fishing? I'm waiting til his sweater collection goes on the block. GWB

TSB said...

Jimmy Carter's fireside TV address sweater? ROTFL. That belongs in the Smithsonian. Or it would, if they had a comedy wing.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I was thinking maybe Jimmie got that sweater from Ozzie Nelson who died in 1975 but I checked all the old pictures.... Ozzie's sweaters were all a lot classier. GWB