Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Snoozer Of A Budget Plan

I can't criticize VP Biden for snoozing a bit during that speech, but what's up with the person behind him? She's nodding out like an addict at a Methadone clinic.

In fairness to Biden and his narcoleptic neighbor, the budget plan was really nothing to stay awake for. After the speech, the White House sent out this chart of its four-step "Comprehensive and Balanced Framework to Reduce the Deficit and Win the Future." All that in only four steps? It would be impressive except that the steps are made mostly out of vaporous strings of buzzwords that evaporate when you look at them.

Such as Step 2, on Security Spending Cuts. The plan is to "Hold growth in base security spending below inflation while further improving efficiency and effectiveness ... Ensure our capacity to meet our national security responsibilities."

All I can see there is that we will not actually reduce either our spending or our responsibilities. If there is any other meaning in Step 2, it disappears into the mists of Pentagon "efficiency and effectiveness."

Putting out a multi-step plan that lacks implementing details just draws attention to the administration's already pronounced Underpants Gnome syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Bravo TSB! And it was RAVED ABOUT by
every liberal TV Talking Head!

Also I found out where they get all that "misty language". Susan Powers of the NSC gave a talk Friday. She left 15 minutes for questions or ideas but all she got from the professionals in the audience was:
What did you mean by (word no one had ever heard of before)?? This seemed to annoy her a lot so she said: "Forget the questions, let's hear some of YOUR IDEAS!" I think this whole crew is pretty "above us all." gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: This is cool. I read it about 3 weeks ago and I think this guy is simply right about Fukoshima. This sort of thing is why I hate government control of the media. GWB

Anonymous said...

TSB! -news flash from my wife-


Anonymous said...

TSB: Joe was sleeping peacefully because he sold all his stocks last week! gwb

Anonymous said...

U.S. and Allies Seek a Refuge for Qaddafi

TSB: I think Hillary owes him one for starting this war. How about the back yard of her home in NY? Plenty of room for a nice tent. And maybe the Mubarek's could stay in the house. They all pay taxes and "wallah" NY's deficit problems get better! Nobel Peace Prize?? gwb