Tuesday, April 26, 2011

P.J. Crowley Has A New Career

And, naturally, he's tweeting about it:

I look forward to teaching a media and national security policy course next academic year @DickinsonCol, @PennStateLaw and @ArmyWarCollege.

See more here.


Anonymous said...

TSB: How long til he announces the book? (I bet it has the word Wikileaks in it.) Also, are we for or against Syria being on the human rights council? gwb

TSB said...

Speaking strictly for myself, I am all in favor of Syria achieving its aspiration to membership on the UN Human Rights Commission.

If it wasn't such a reliable source of great comedy, the UN wouldn't be good for anything.

GWB said...


First PJ Crowley, then Petreaus, now Superman striking out on his own?


TSB said...

Superman never had U.S. citizenship in the first place. He came here as an illegal alien, and so far as I know he was never naturalized. He's been committing identity theft and fraud all along.

Now he says he's a citizen of the world? I say good riddence. DHS should issue Kyptonite to all TSA and Customs/Immigration agents in case he tries to sneak back in.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Is that ditto for The Green Lantern? gwblol

TSB said...

Could be. I never did know much about the GL, except I recall that in the TV show his sidekick was Bruce Lee, a foreigner.