Friday, December 7, 2007

FDR: "But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us."

You can read and listen to FDR's "Day of Infamy" speech to the U.S. Congress on December 8, 1941: here.

Back when I was in High School they would play this speech over the intercom system on Pearl Harbor Day. Today, disgracefully, this key event of U.S. history is ignored by our overly sensitive, Oprah-ified, society. None of my local school systems in Northern Virginia have any formal observance of Pearl Harbor Day, to the best of my knowledge. The mind boggles to imagine a High School teacher playing this speech today, at least not without giving equal time to the Empire of Japan.

Nevertheless, my experience with my own kids and their friends, tells me the younger generation loves to learn about World War II. So, send that link along to any Gen X-ers you know; they have never heard a U.S. President asking Congress for a declaration of war, or using language of such dignified restrained anger: "No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. "

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