Friday, July 18, 2008

Brazil to Gons Nachman: "There's Nothing Normal About It"

Here's an article from the Brazilian newspaper Correio Braziliense about the sentencing of Gons Nachman: former diplomat is sentenced. I've gotten a translation from Portuguese using Google language tools; it's a very poor translation, but you can get the gist.

The really interesting thing is that I found this article on the website of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. I assume they posted it to make clear that, contrary to Nachman's when-in-Rome defense, Brazilians do not consider sex with under-age girls to be the least bit acceptable. In fact, Nachman would have been punished just as severely under Brazilian law as he is under U.S. law.

Here's the translation, in which I've put the key points in bold:

American Gons Nachman, accused of maintaining relations with minors in Brazil and Africa, says it is "normal" in Brazilian culture. It can take 11 years of imprisonment in the U.S.

The Editorial

In May 2006, the American Gons Gutierrez Nachman, 42 years, was of samba lessons in Washington, capital of the United States. Alegre, they smile for the camera of the newspaper-TV NBC while ensaiava steps. "I'll work in Brazil later this month. Always loved the Brazilian music and culture. I think this is a great way for me to adapt to the country, "said the recording. Two years later, the former diplomat is behind bars. In the United States, he was found guilty in April for the crime of child pornography and sex with girls between 14 and 17 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in Brazil. Nachman argued that the suit was "normal" in the two countries.

"There's nothing normal about it," said the Mail Leila Paiva, coordinator of the Programme of coping of Sexual Violence in Children and Adolescents of the Special Secretariat for Human Rights. "There is this cultural difference alleged. It is a crime, and the law of Brazil that is very clear. "To defend itself, the American said at the trial that sex with minors is a cultural issue in the African country and Brazil.

Nachman sexual journey began in 2003 as a diplomat in the DRC. According to documents filed in court, he maintained sex with teenagers at home, paid with the money the U.S. government. It was found that, in Congo, a girl of 14 years and another of 17 came to live with it. In Brazil, he lived with one for 16 years. Nachman recorded all the adventures in a diary and sometimes filmava the girls. He came to launch the video on the Internet 2004 - sexual adventures in the Congo.

Child pornography delatou Nachman in the United States. But if he had continued in Brazil, would also be charged with corruption of minors and sexual exploitation by the Statute of the Child and Adolescent. "Even with the consent of the adolescent is a crime. If they pay a dinner in exchange for sex or had any relationship of market power with the smaller, is considered exploitation, "said Leila.


When the investigations began, the diplomat was expelled from the U.S. consulate in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. In a letter written in prison, where he is since February, he tried to explain: "In the Congo, women are growing fast, physically and emotionally because of the substantial responsibility that society has about them since childhood." Nachman also is accused of having two molester who went to the Brazilian consulate in Rio in search of a visa. He would have demanded sex in exchange for the "favour". They testified in the U.S. and Justice said they were persecuted in an "aggressive" the former diplomat.

The story of Nachman also drew attention in the U.S. for another reason. In the midst of the trial, in April, he asked the judge to carry out his marriage with the Brazilian Ana Carolina Pereira Porcher, 21 years. The judge denied the request, said it would be absurd to divert attention from a serious case to perform a marriage. The couple also tries to marry the Justice and is having an ongoing process. As established by the story, the Brazilian is a family of upper middle class, student of law and lives in the state of Maryland.

The judgement of Nachman to be announced on August 22. The judge asked yesterday a psychological evaluation of ex-diplomat. The mail came in contact with the defence lawyer, Stephen Stine, but received no response. The U.S. can take up to 11 years in prison.

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