Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ex-Diplomat Sues State Department for Invocation of Immunity

A former Foreign Service Officer, one Sabrina De Souza, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State, SecState Hillary Clinton, and the United States of America ("defendants") which asks the judge to:

"Require the USG to formally invoke diplomatic and/or consular immunity on behalf of De Sousa and provide her with legal representation with respect to both the criminal and civil proceedings in Italy"

Background information on this convoluted matter can be found here: Woman in Rendition Case Sues for Immunity. There are also detailed stories about the filing in today's Washington Post (Lawsuit seeks diplomatic immunity in Italian case) and New York Times (Woman in Rendition Case Sues for Immunity).

This paragraph from the filing seems to go to the heart of the matter:

42. De Sousa categorically denies having any involvement in the alleged kidnapping of Abu Omar. She also rejects the allegation that she was a principal planner of the alleged operation. Even if the allegations were true, though, her actions clearly fell within the scope of her official duties and thereby entitle her to diplomatic/consular immunity.

In other words, "I didn't do it, and, even if I did do it, I am entitled to skate away free because I had immunity at the time I did it (not that I'm saying I did it)." Actually, I think that argument is fair enough.

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Anonymous said...

I heard Ms. Sabrina's case in a coomunity newspaper. As there was no comments from the US dept of State, I could only get Ms. Sabrina's version. I was truly appaled by the story. Serving one's country is a matter of pride and Joy and this is what the lady did. She deserves the entire power & authority of the US Govt behind her. Cosidering as how she has been treated in this cavalier fashion, it makes me wonder as where about the rights & duties of a officer of the State Department. Please make sure that we do not tarnish the great image of USA in the world of nations.