Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Should The Federal Government Remain Closed Tomorrow?

You can cast your vote here, at a WaPo poll. The options are: stay closed, open with unscheduled leave, open as normal, or open two hours late.

The smart money says we will remain closed another day. I agree, since the Washington area public transportation system will not recover in time for Thursday's commute. From a WaPo story this afternoon (Metro likely to limit rail Thursday):

The ferocity of the storm that swept through Washington left Metro officials anticipating that the system will only have run rail service underground Thursday and will limit bus and MetroAcess services, or suspend the latter operations altogether.

On Wednesday, the transit agency stopped workers from clearing tracks and stations as blizzard conditions caused three- to five-foot snow drifts. High winds were making conditions unsafe for workers, said Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

"Mother Nature has the upper hand right now," she said. "Whatever we clear gets covered up immediately."

Metro has barricaded escalators at some stations to keep out the snow, meaning elevators offer the only access. Strong winds blew a door off its hinges at Largo Station, Farbstein said.

Metro has stored an unprecedented 506 train cars in underground tunnels and is running 76 cars in its limited underground service Wednesday, officials said. As of noon, 11,000 trips had been taken on the rail system Wednesday.

We should get an announcement in a few more hours.


Update (7 PM): Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area will be closed Thursday, February 11.

The results of the WaPo poll were as follows:

What should the federal government do on Thursday?

• Stay closed! (75%)

• Open with unscheduled leave (13%)

• Open as normal (3%)

• Issue a 2-hour delayed open (7%)

Total Votes: 13,524

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