Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Shooting Stance In UK Police Video

Cities in the UK are pretty much blanketed with surveillance camera coverage, and it shows in this video montage of a mob rampaging through a Birmingham suburb ten days ago. They smash shop windows and set buildings on fire. In other words, the usual. Amazing to watch but, sadly, nothing new.

What was new is that the video captured one of the hoodie'd yobs firing a pistol, and, when a police helicopter closed in on him, he raised his pistol and reportedly fired another round at the helo (although it was not clear to me from the video that he actually fired).

I'll say this for the shooter - he consistently uses a good Isosceles stance, with both arms held up in line with the shoulders and his weight shifted forward onto his weak-side leg.

He even maintains good control and muzzle discipline when he lowers the pistol.

Our own domestic hoodie'd yobs most often use a silly one-armed stance with the pistol turned sideways in the style made popular by gangster rap videos. This makes me think the Midlands gunman has better than average taste in music and movies, and probably got his firearms training by watching the more realistic sort of cop shows.

The video, still photos, and details are here.

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