Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great Man-O-Vations

What a wonderful time it is to be alive! Free wi-fi almost everywhere, practically a million movies to stream on Netflix, and now, candles that smell like beer.

Beer! The cause, and the cure, of all life's misfortunes. (Homer Simpson)

Actually, these candles smell more like you spilled beer somewhere and didn't clean it up, which I guess would get annoying after a while, but I had fun amusing myself with this great product tonight while my wife shopped at the mall.

If they made one that smelled like stale pizza, and another one like unwashed socks, you could get an instant dormitory ambiance going on in your home. If you wanted that.   

After I'd sniffed my fill of beer, this candle cleansed the palate nicely:


Ahhhh, fresh cut grass!


James said...

You are a sick man TSB, of course in an interesting way, but ill sir, ill!

TSB said...

James: If loving beer and power mowers is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

James said...

Now you're bringing in country music! Oh the humanity!

TSB said...

There are country music possibilities here. Like, my wife divorced me and took the house, now the dog and I live in my truck and I cry over my lost domestic bliss while sniffing grass-scented candles that remind me of my happy home.

Thanks for the idea. I'll keep working on it until I have something I could pitch to Nashville.