Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Helmet Cam Video From Jerusalem Bus Bombing

From The Times of Israel, here's video of the aftermath of yesterday's bus bombing.

The images were recorded on a GoPro camera on the helmet of Arik Abuloff, a fireman from the Jerusalem department of the Israel Fire and Rescue Service, who raced to the neighborhood of Talpiot in the immediate wake of the bombing.

The images show Abuloff running toward two buses engulfed in flames before him and a team of firefighters attempting to battle the inferno using water hoses.

Police and rescue officials confirmed 21 people were injured, two of them seriously, when a bomb aboard number 12 city bus exploded in the capital’s Talpiot neighborhood on Moshe Baram Street on Monday evening, setting the bus on fire. A nearby intercity bus and car were also burned in the blast.

The Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem is in the vicinity of the U.S. Consulate's Arnona office annex and consular section.


Anonymous said...

TSB: If you've seen or heard one bus bombing...you better hoof it on the back streets.

And after a 'Clinton aide' said:"We kicked his ass tonite.I hope this convinces him to tone it down. Otherwise F--- him."

Today Bernie came out with his best ad yet and I don't think he's planning on toning it down.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zx-PPNUTao (30 seconds) gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: After a huge voter turnout and a 73% landslide in WA state Bernie is getting none of the superdelegates here. And the governor has endorsed Hillary. "Bought and Paid For" is not going to give up without some anarchy. I hope Bernie throws his support to Trump. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Kabul - The death toll from Tuesday's Taliban attack in Kabul rose sharply overnight from 28 to 64, according to the Afghan Interior Ministry. (most were civilians) No word on the damage to the target but I'm thinking it was totaled. gwb

James said...

Re: the video. It struck me how the scene could be any US suburban thoroughfare.
The election: The entrenched powers that be are fighting for their lives and are possibly losing, despite appearances. There is very little play acting anymore and they will do almost anything at this point. Despite what some say this is not new, throughout history there comes a point (regardless of the type of political system) where the old is swept away. What is really interesting to me is that the Sander and Trump (Cruz) supporters are on the same page about the endemic corruption in US government, but from radically different ideological
viewpoints. When you get such a cross philosophical spectrum disenchantment it usually signals change is coming regardless.
Where all this is going I don't know, but it is going.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Putting all your wall street speech earnings in a Deleware LLC is probably just common sense but calling for all the rich people to pay their fare share of taxes and refusing to discuss it called "Do as I say, not as I do." gwb

Trump And Hillary Refuse To Explain Why They Both Share The Same Address In Delaware:As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all - a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Paid Hillary Trolls shut down 7 Bernie FB pages on election eve!

Hillary's superpac 'Correct the Record' paid $1 million to trolls to pull down virtually all of Bernie's last minute get out the vote effort while Hillary lambastes Bernie for 'negative campaigning' on same nite.

I'm thinking, which democratic state has Hillary not performed last minute magic tricks to win?


Anonymous said...

James: You got that right! gwb