Saturday, April 27, 2019

Joe Biden: He Understood What Was Happening Back Then

A Biden campaign ad from 47 years ago

That photo is from The Atlantic's story about the Grey Race for the White House:
“Joe Biden. He understands what’s happening today.” The newspaper ad ran a few weeks before the 1972 Senate election in Delaware, when the upstart 29-year-old was challenging a 63-year-old incumbent.
It was all about the sideburns back in the '70s. Then, in the '90s, for Biden it was all about the hair plugs. Now he's all about the disappearing white hair.

You may be wondering which of the 2020 Democratic candidates had not yet been born when Joe first ran for Senate based on his hip now-ness. I looked it up.

  • Pete Buttigieg, 37
  • Eric Swalwell, 38
  • Tulsi Gabbard, 38
  • Seth Moulton, 40
  • Julian Castro, 44
  • Wayne Messam, 44
  • Andrew Yang, 44
  • Tim Ryan, 45
  • Beto O’Rourke, 46

Hell, even Bernie Sanders was only 30 years old back in 1972.

The Mod Squad was still running on TV then, and I would not be surprised if Joe took some of his mod styling cues from the White Guy member of that countercultural crime-fighting trio. Men's fashions were that embarrassing then.


James said...

Hey Skep,
Speaking of old, I'm back, is GWB still around?

Anonymous said...

TSB: That is great they finally got the Camarena torturer. It will be interesting to see what Godinez has been doing all these years. gwb

TSB said...

James: He is indeed. I've just been remiss in not posting comments. I'll try to be more on top of that.

GWB: Many years ago the cartel doctor who kept Camarena alive during torture by injecting him with heart stimulant was convicted in a U.S. court, but the judge overturned the conviction on the incredible grounds that he didn't believe testimony from two henchmen who'd seen the doctor rinsing out syringes in a sink. He said no doctor would rinse syringes in Mexican tap water. As if anyone in that place didn't know Camarena was going to die. So I have zero faith in the courts. If it were up to me, I'd kill this miscreant with a drone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update TSB, Hi James! This story about Padrino turning on Maduro is total BS. Padrino is very experienced, was trained by US Army intelligence many years ago and totally duped Guaido and his US handlers. The Venezuelan armed forces have put their confidence in him since Chavez. gwb

James: The only thing you missed is that President Trump has a theory that windmills cause cancer so be careful out there!!