Sunday, September 8, 2019

Joe Biden Has a Doppelganger

At first, and second, sight I thought that was Joe Biden posing next to somebody's British grandmother in the above photo, which is from a celebrities-talk-politics thing that happened over the weekend.

But no, it's actually Donald Sutherland, the actor who appeared in but tragically underestimated the greatest movie of our age and who is now 84 years old compared to Biden's 76 years.

Pretty remarkable resemblance. Both he and the real Joe Biden share the same white hair, aviator shades, blue blazer with small lapel pin, and open-collar light blue shirt.

If Sutherland had been acting the part of Joe Biden, he couldn't have come closer.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Re: "His cult has no coherent philosophy." Biden is a leading candidate for President who has no cult, diminishing financial backing and no coherent political philosophy! gwb

TSB said...

He *is* pretty screwed, I have to say. He can't afford to answer questions about family members on foreign corporate boards, and this is a bad season for that kind of stonewalling.

His blood vessels keep bursting, first in his brain and now in his eyeball, his dentures slip when he's doing his tough-guy talk, and, for all I know, next his Depends will spring a leak during a debate.

Enough already.