Saturday, July 31, 2021

Most Head Shakingly Bad Thing of the Week

Man, 76, Cops Plea For Home Castration; Floridian also once performed surgery in room at La Quinta Inn - The Smoking Gun
"An elderly Florida Man today copped a plea to felony charges in connection with his bloody, botched castration of a man he met on a eunuch website, a crime for which he will be sentenced to three years in prison, according to court records ... The man’s testicles -- removed during a procedure that took several hours -- were in a pink container atop a bedside table in the makeshift operating room."

"During the raid, investigators took possession of a wide array of medical tools, many of which were covered in blood. Along with scalpels, clamps, hypodermic needles, and forceps, cops confiscated a surgical stapler, rubber tourniquets, a soldering iron, and “an assortment of skinning and filet knives.”"
TSB Note: How was it a "botched" castration when the patient's testicles were, in fact, removed? A castration with complications, it seems, but hardly a botched one. And, what's with the soldering iron???!!!


Anonymous said...

TSB:'HIGH VOLTAGE': Utah Police Crack Down on People Swinging from Hammocks on Power Lines: I think TSA put me on the no-fly list so I'm going to try this instead. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: 'Purge-Like Siren' Blares Near US Census Building, Keeps Residents Up At Night Sounds like they are doing a "Branch Davidion" operation at the Census Building to sleep deprive the neighbors. gwb

I hope this doesn't go nation wide!

Anonymous said...

TSB: Despite the coming worldwide vaccine disaster there was some good news!
US Women's Soccer Team Smoked By Canada; Rapinoe Mocked. I hope there is a replay of this tonite and Rapinoe gets knocked on her ass a couple times by the Canadian transgender player. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I don't think that's a siren over at the Census Bureau, it's probably just some Biden staffers wailing in pain after he screwed up yet another press event. My human compassion prevents me from making fun of them.