Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Debt To The Penny

I didn't know it until today, but the Treasury Department has a Bureau of the Public Debt to manage all those loans that the Fed takes out.

They have a very handy web page that gives you all the data you could want about that part of our government that we run on the cuff. For one thing it lets you see the our debt to the penny and who holds it.

FYI, as of today the United States public debt is: $14,342,819,149,604.76.


Anonymous said...

Why not re-brand and privatize Justice Dept? The new "Ministry" could be part of the Libyan Rebel deal in exchange for about $20 billion of Khaddafi cash! Call it "Cash for Klunkers II"! We need to get some Bernanke testimony on this by Tuesday night! Of course they would agree to buy some F-16's and French tanks on credit.This needs to be done "Fast and Furious"! Have a great weekend TSB! gwb

Anonymous said...

CIA Chief in Pakistan Exits; Led OBL Hunt Team (ABC)

TSB: This doesn't look good. He's leaving for "health reasons" which I suspect means to avoid lead poisoning. Hopefully Panetta and the rest of the lawyers will get this all worked out but I suspect they have some lawyers too who are upset about extra-judicial killings
after 7 years. gwb

TSB said...


I've been on vacation this week, and didn't see that item about Pakistan. His departure is not necessarily not for health reasons. The usual tour for embassy personnel there is only one year, and that guy had reportedly been there seven months already. It wouldn't be news at all except for the fact that his predecessor had left in that flap with the ISI.

But whatever the reason, relations are really, really, bad. Yesterday, the Pakis even stopped the U.S. Ambassador at the airport to harass him over a routine flight to Karachi.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of security, since they don't seem to know where their buses are can you imagine how big of a bomb could be loaded on a bus? ... and driven anywhere in the Big Apple? Isn't there some kind of a tunnel?gwb

TSB said...

Five hours? That city seems to be reverting to its pre-Giuliani state of chaos.

Buses can make pretty good VBIEDs. In Colombia, the headquarters of their FBI-equivalent agency was destroyed with a bus-borne IED. But a place like NYC is hopelessly vulnerable to VBIEDs of any kind, since you can't get a useful separation of vehicles from the built environment. The cops and feds have to bet they can detect a plot before it's launched; once a VBIED goes off, they're basically screwed.