Monday, August 8, 2011


My regular route to work in the morning takes me up South George Mason Drive and then onto Route 50, right past the entrances into National Foreign Affairs Training Center. While getting onto Route 50 this morning, I saw a woman roller skating past the line of cars waiting to turn into NFATC. She was somewhere in her mid-20s, wearing cut-offs and a Tee shirt, and had an employee badge dangling from a lanyard around her neck. I had to drive on before I saw her actually skate into NFATC, but I assume that was where she was going. Where else, with that badge?

Everybody I know complains about their commute to work, and the summer weather, and the lack of parking, but this woman has got it all solved. She's doing alternative commuting, getting aerobic exercise, catching some sun, having casual Friday on Monday, and beating FSI's chronically overfilled parking lots and out-of-control parking enforcement.

She is an inspiration, and I salute her.


Anonymous said...

Those sights are inspiring alright. One 5 car pile up though and she will probably be hunted down and her skates confiscated. (Or maybe it's now part of the training! That would be cool!) gwb

Anonymous said...

Great post TSB: the link re parking lots. Reminds me of harrowing trips to work at Ft.Hood in the early am darkness, snaking through 5 parking lots and trying to avoid soldiers out doing PT in the dark. The ones doing situps in our parking lot were the scariest... We only hit a couple of them. Problem was nobody could figure out who was in charge for 6 months!! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Is this BS or is there a way to shoot down Chinook helicopters with
gas cannister bombs? gwb

Anonymous said...
TSB: It looks like the protests are growing: Now farmers are dumping milk, mothers want free childcare, tax reform, cab drivers protesting.
BiBi might be easier to topple than
Mubarek, Saleh, or Assad? gwb

TSB said...

I don't think a 'gas canister bomb' did it. It sounded like a lucky shot with an RPG on a very large, very slow, moving helo. Not the first time, either.

On Bibi versus Mubararek et al, the difference is that Israel is a parliamentary democracy with a robust tradition of peaceful changes in government. The others were Presidents-for-life and couldn't be removed by the voters, to the extent that there even were voters in those countries.

Anonymous said...

Cutoffs, that is a very relax since last I was at NFATC.