Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unconfirmed Report Qaddafi Has Fled Libya

Tweeted by NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel around 4 PM this afternoon, EDT.

There is much more rumor and speculation here.


Anonymous said...

Which Galaxy TSB? (alien 1)

TSB said...

I think Col. Q is still on Earth. In fact, I think he's likely still in Libya. But, if aliens took him, I hope they'll keep him in this galaxy, so that we might see him again some day. This world will be a more boring place if he departs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TSB: Speaking of Aliens..Ron Paul says Martian..I mean MARTIAL Law is just around the corner. gwb

TSB said...

The USG has been preparing for that sort of thing for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Egypt protester replaces Israel embassy flag with Egyptian
Aug 20 08:54 PM US/Eastern

TSB: If the Egyptians cut diplo relations with Isreal would you say the war has begun? Or is the real battle going to be over Jeruselem?
And who is Hillary going to order to do something? Seems like this thing is getting out of hand. gwb

Anonymous said... has the hot poop on the youth uprising in tripoli TSB!

including maps!! They have the airport surrounded so it looks like the aliens are his only option! gwb

Anonymous said...

Kucinich joins local pro-pot pols at Seattle Hempfest

DK urges NW Potheads to WAKE UP! and take back the country! Ohio is forcing this commie out.. and global warming has finally arrived here with record high temps yesterday (96 in Portland!).

TSB said...

Egypt versus Israel is highly interesting. Egyptian public opinion would most likely favor cutting relations with Israel, and maybe even revoking the peace treaty Sadat signed.

At that point, they wouldn't go back to war - they lost past wars decisively - but it would mean the West would give up on the Arab Spring hoopla. I would welcome that.

Same as in Libya. Let's see how many "youth" are in charge after the place is taken over by a rebel coalition that is two parts Islamist and one part ex-Qaddafi thugocracy.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I agree on both counts. But a year from now I think Israel will be fighting over natural gas with Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and the ghost of Yassar Arafat. It will take Libya 20 years to come up with another dictator. (probably Chinese!) gwb