Thursday, September 1, 2011

CNN Traces A "Complicated And Fascinating Family Tree"

Kudos to CNN for presenting this handy guide to the POTUS's family tree - not the entire tree, which would take more time than is available in a segment of The Situation Room, but just the central portion of the paternal side - and sorting out the connection between him and the Uncle Omar who is now locked up in Massachusetts on a federal immigration warrant.

We also learn that Onyango "Uncle Omar" Obama obtained a Social Security number and a Mass drivers license at least nineteen years ago. That was presumably illegal, but who knows?

CNN legal analyst Jeffery Tobin seemed pretty sure that a drunk driving conviction would be enough to get Uncle Omar deported if he is here illegally, but "usually" not if he is here legally. And Tobin was unwilling to speculate about Omar's immigration status.

I'm not a lawyer like Tobin, but ... if Uncle Omar is here legally, wouldn't he be able to produce some documentation, like a Green Card, to prove that status? And if he is here legally, wouldn't the immigration authorities already know that? Evidently, these immigration matters are trickier than they appear.

The disposition of Uncle Omar's case promises to be entertaining on so many levels.


Anonymous said...

Great post TSB! (I hope you mean't that you are a "better" lawyer than Jeffrey Tubin AND more entertaining.) Anyway, in the post-legal situation we are in does the law really matter in the case of a folk hero like Uncle Omar? gwb

Anonymous said...

DUI can be considered a crime in volving moral turpitude and can get a legal permanent resident deported, althoug the rule is in flux on the single DUI issue.

If he is here illegally, he can be deported anyway. Any DUI would still be problematic, depending on the possible sentence.

It can be used if he was seeking residency, a challenge to any claim of good moral character, but the moral character test has been mostly watered down to no felony convictions.

TSB said...

I'm hoping he won't slip off the hook. But, since he hasn't been convicted on the DUI yet, I suppose a local judge might do Obama a favor and find Uncle Omar not guilty.