Thursday, November 29, 2012

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

"Turkish Men Getting Mustache Implants"


Anonymous said...

US POW survivors from Korean War say the Turks among them all survived whereas more than 50% of US soldiers died. Why?
1. They hated and resisted the chicoms 100% (or their own guys would beat the crap out of them) and never gave up
2. They spoke Turkish which no one there understood.
3. Could live on 1200 cal/day of crap food like chicom peasants.
4. Moustaches! gwb

Anonymous said...

WA-LAW!! I told you we could get this constitution thing done pretty quick! When God is your co-pilot democracy is really slick!

Next up.. Morsi's Middle East Peace Plan! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: I take back my criticism of Ambassador/Dr.Rice now that I know she has a net worth of $23-$45 million and a big stake in that oil pipeline from Canada. She is definitely a member of the ruling class and therefore entitled to yell and demand her way whenever she wants. GO XL! gwb

James said...

Third try. You may have seen this. Turks!

Anonymous said...

TSB: Top Ten Upheavals in the Arab World Today-Juan Cole has an informative update today which shows that the Arab world is HOT lately. (especially Syria!)

I notice the US media is hot to get some CIA contractors on the ground in Syria to be sure no old mustard gas falls into the wrong hands..or at least try to figure out who the wrong hands are. I'm thinking as soon as they are captured we will have a better idea who the bad guys are and Amb. Ford can go negotiate the release of what's left? gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: DiFi weighs in as the Teamsters shut down 40% of the Xmas cargo. She is torn between the "Brotherhood" and the "Outsourcers". gwb

Los Angeles and Long Beach port clerical workers on strike!

TSB said...

GWB: Those Turks were pretty incredible during the Korean War. It makes me want to grow a mustache of my own in tribute to such hardcore resistors.

Port strikes? I'm surprised to learn that ports can still be shut down by strikes now that they've gone to containerized cargo. And by clerical workers?! The pen is mightier than the longshoreman's hook, I guess.