Friday, February 5, 2016

A Mildly Interesting Disruption at John Kerry's Press Conference in Rome

There's not much to see here, but since an Italian activist of the No-War Network Roma went to the trouble of staging a scene and getting arrested, and an Iranian news agency recorded it an put in on YouTube for us to see, why not do so? Anyway, I hadn't seen anything about the incident in our local news media, so, kudos to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting people.

SecState Kerry was in Rome this week to meet with Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni regarding the coalition against ISIS. At a press conference on February 2, one of the attendees - Marinella Correggia, of the No-War Network - started toward Kerry while shouting and waving a poster. Local police collared her at once.

Kerry's protective detail kept a low profile. I think I heard an American voice saying "whoa, whoa, whoa!" when the pinko started waving her poster, but it was the Italians who pounced on her.  

All's well that ends well.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kerry Diplomacy TSB, it looks like Erdogan should be included in the Republican debates: Leaked memo shows EU offered him $3 billion to not send anymore refugees. He said: "3 sounds good.... A YEAR!"

Watch for Obama to chip in plenty from US taxpayers to keep Kerry from having to go to war with Putin. Blackmail is so cool when everybody is corrupt. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Kasick looks like a serious threat to Trump later if you clean out the rest of the Republican clutter and an easy VP pick if Trump wins. Hillary will be (dirt covered) toast!