Saturday, February 23, 2019

New U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Survived a Vehicle Ambush in 2008

Photo from DOS publication

Our new Ambassador to Armenia was sworn in this week, and please see Diplopundit's post here: @StateDG Perez Swears-In Career Diplomat Lynne Tracy as US Ambassador to Armenia.
On August 26, 2008 gunmen ambushed FSO Lynne Tracy’s vehicle in Peshawar, Pakistan, riddling the car with bullets. She survived the attack.

She then remained at post for the rest of her tour in what was one of the most vulnerable and highly threatened posts in the Foreign Service. Somehow, the public image of diplomatic posts remains completely out of whack with the reality, no matter how many such incidents occur, so I'm happy to see attention paid to Ambassador Tracey. 

For details of the ambush see page 43 of Political Violence Against Americans (2008) which has diagrams as well as the above photo. The photo captured the CG's vehicle reversing out of the kill zone at high speed and taking a 'Tuk-Tuk' auto rickshaw along with it.

While you're at it, browse the whole library of PVAA reports and then compare and contrast with the next movie or TV representation you see of embassy life.

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