Saturday, March 21, 2020

Socially Isolated, But Ready to Roll

As if working from a cubicle in an office annex in Rosslyn VA wasn't already isolated enough, now I'm teleworking from home half the time.

On my in-office days, the benefits are clear: near-empty streets and a record short door-to-door commute, my local Starbucks bravely hanging in there with mobile orders and pick-up service (unlike Peets), and - best of all - being allowed to park in the office building garage. What a perk!!! Now I know how the One Percent live.

On my at-home days, telework connectivity-wise, GO has been just okay but Microsoft 365 has been great. My biggest problem on home-bound work days has been the temptation to do on-line shopping.

With time on my hands, I've started to do long put-off chores. For one, I finally disassembled the slide on my old Glock so as to clean the striker channel and firing pin assembly. A bit embarrassed to admit I'd never done that before. I've never had any kind of function glitch with that highly reliable pistol, but now it'll be just that much nearer to perfection. I'll never have to hear Michael Caine say "you failed to maintain your weapon, son."

As the weather turns warmer, I expect to do more outside chores that I've been putting off forever. With no time or daylight lost to commuting now, I can afford to spend a couple hours a day on my lawn. Hey, I might really grow some grass this year!


Anonymous said...

TSB: Well, my wife is now running a railroad 700 miles from headquarters. She got her first call from a US parts supplier during her ride in from the airport. Her daughter, the 120 lb karate expert had the office set up and ready to go when she got there and she got 2 1/2 hrs of work done plus an hour nap in her new spacious bedroom before calling me.
The funny thing was her description of the flight. All seats were full on the plane which was a "really skinny one with big long wings" which were flopping all over the place coming in for the landing cause it was so windy..
(like 25 mph when they got off the plane) Then she had to call me back because a good friend from 15 years ago was coming over and she had to hide and surprise her. An hour later she called and that party was still going on. Did I mention the 5 cats? The daughter is a film editor and had to work all night. gwb

TSB said...

Running a railroad? That's impressive.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Being a socially isolated antiquated beach bum I had no idea what was going on in DC today until I read Juan Cole tonite. gwb
The Second Time as Farce: Donald Trump and James Madison and the Defense of the White House
On Friday night as protesters approached the White House, Trump was rushed to a special bunker where he was secure from the shadowy Antifa menace of unemployed Starbucks baristas, Trotskyite undergraduates at George Washington University, and radical feminist dog-walkers from Adams Morgan.
(and tonite the White House is still standing! Hail to the Chief!)

TSB said...

The DC protests/riots have been less than impressive, at least to someone like me who is old enough to remember the 1960s. The news media has done its usual sterling performance of exaggeration and unsourced dramatic tid-bits, such as those photos of a darkened White House (which were from a years-ago event) and that special bunker. In truth, the unruly crowd in Lafayette Park is about a C- so far on any realistic scale of civil disorder. They're thrown some things at National Park police and then they've run off and cried when the PO-lice shot smoke and pepper balls back at them. If you're going to Fuck the Police you really have to try a lot harder than that.