Monday, September 27, 2021

Sad Outcome For a Former OBO Employee

It has happened before, but one does not get used to seeing the news that a colleague you've known for many years, even one you haven't worked with regularly, has pled guilty to a crime.

See the details behind the guilty plea at Diplopundit's post, here. The bottom line is that $60,000, which DOJ's press release described as "lucrative kickbacks," went from an OBO construction contractor to an OBO employee in exchange for insider information that gave the contractor an advantage in winning contract awards.

The guilty party in this case is someone I like and have high regard for. Her motive was financial desperation, apparently. Considered on a scale of culpability, her offense ought to be seen as somewhat less than that of the contractor who purposefully cultivated her as his inside source.

Now, as for the real villain in the piece, OBO's construction contractor Montage Inc and its CEO, I have always had as low an opinion as one could have, right from the start of its engagement with OBO and many other government clients. There was just an auru of sleeze around whatever I saw of the company.

Good riddence to that guy.


Anonymous said...

H Commentsagain! Whata surprise! gwb reporting from Idaho almost.

Anonymous said...

The ribbon cutting ceremony was scheduled for today, 6months after it was hooked into the electric grid but a gust of wind blew it over. I suspect white insurrectionists or Putin. 784 feet tall blades! gwb

TSB said...

Blades that tall? Remarkable. I wonder if their turban blades are made in China, like ours? I think there are some German makers, too, so that will interesting to find out.

Anonymous said...

TSB: It would appear that FB has disappeared from the world? gwb

W.Dan Davenport MD said...

TSB: Well, FB is back but unfortunately for 1.5 billion FB users their personal information ended up on the dark web in the process ... currently selling for $ 5,000 per million. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: Personally, I hadn't noticed the FB shutdown until it was over, but I am proud to see that our internet citizens came together to aid one another during that brief crisis. If somebody made a few bucks at the same time, that's okay too.