Friday, April 14, 2023

Biden Reaches Out to Republicans - Not That Kind!

Amid the expected gaffes and flubs of an overseas POTUS trip, Joe Biden topped himself today by posing for a selfie with Gerry Adams, the former President of Sinn Fein and someone who, while definitely not the political front man for a terrorist group, you understand, exercised quite a bit of influence with the 'hard men' of the IRA Army Council. 

The two have met and done grip-and-grin photos together a couple times before. Way back in 1993 Biden lobbied the Clinton administration to issue visas to Adams and his close colleague Martin McGuinness and allow them to visit the U.S. over protests from the UK. 

McGuinness, unlike Adams, made no bones about being the IRA's chief of staff during some of the worst of the IRA's campaign against the British. 

The IRA war may be over now and all that, but you have to wonder how our British allies see that friendly gesture.


James said...

Adams looks almost respectable, almost.

James said...

Of course that means!!

TSB said...

Thanks! That makes me want to toss in a popular Republican ballad just for the Oyrish.

James said...

Try the "Irish RM" with Peter Bowles.

TSB said...

Thanks! I'd never seen that before.