Friday, January 12, 2024

Sadder But (Maybe) Wiser, HRC's Seminar Students Give Her a Poor Review

HRC word cloud - WaPo (2015)

What's with kids today? Some disappointed students took to the news media this week to criticize Hillary Clinton for putting on an "uninspiring class" at Columbia University, and also "failing to loosen up" (sic, really? Loosen up? Hillary?). 

You can read about it here. Some choice quotes:
The student said it felt like Clinton became less relatable as the semester continued.
-- snip --
The student said she believed Clinton could have "been more honest" with the students.
"Usually whenever you start to… get to know [politicians] more on a personal basis, you start to like them a little bit more because they become more humanized. Over the course of the semester, though, I feel like Hillary Clinton became more of a politician than she was at the end."
I'm shaking my head ruefully. She thought Hillary would be relatable and honest? Has it been her experience that politicians become humanized when you sit in a chair and listen to them? 

Those students could have saved themselves whatever money Colombia charged them for that seminar if they had just done a careful read of the word cloud above. You see how the words UNETHICAL and LIES stand out? That's how WaPo readers saw HRC when she was running for President. 

She hasn't gotten any better behaved or more honest since then. Today you'd probably find BITTER in the center of that cloud, but no other changes.

Write it off, you naïve college kids. Consider yourselves lucky to have learned a big life lesson early. 

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