Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey FSOs, Let's Get the Band Back Together

Consul-at-Arms points out that the phrase "Stone Cold Professional Diplomats" would make a great name for an in-house State Department rock band. I agree.

Good instincts, CAA. I've checked and found out that some variation of that name is already being used by at least two groups (this one and this one) as well as in the title of a song by Queen (Stone Cold Crazy) that was later covered by Metallica.

Since I know there must be lots of FSO garage bands out there somewhere, here are a few suggestions for names no one has taken yet.

The Black Passports
Chargé d'Soul
Headbangin' Cookie Pushers
The Band Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Attachés of Funk
Foreign Policy Fever
Rage Against the Démarche
Dipnotes N' Roses
The Red Hot Vice Consuls
[that stands for Corps Diplomatique from the District of Columbia]
D.C.M. [Diplomatic Corps Musicians]
Pea and Gee'd
Back-channel Blues Band
Constructive Ambiguity
Smart Power and the Bilateral Experience
The Foggy Bottom Boys
[for a Bluegrass group]

and my favorite,

25 Percent Differential


Domani Spero said...

TSB - how about??

Foggy Bottom Mamas
The Smart Power Wiggles
Pencil Pokers
Expeditionary Mamas & Papas
Mission Chieftains
Fly America Cats and Pups
Hangover Stopover
Danger Pay Addicts

Okay, nuff already or I'll be on this the whole day!

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've linked back to you here:

Anonymous said...

I wanted to make suggestions, but I can't come up with anything that approaches the genius of the Black Passports. Greatest band name ever.

DS said...

I almost missed this one - I wonder if they ever played in Baghdad:

Mr. Vershbow, a retired career diplomat who most recently finished three years as ambassador to South Korea, was a regular drummer with former Hungarian Ambassador Andras Simonyi, who formed a diplomatic rock 'n' roll band called the Coalition of the Willing.