Tuesday, August 30, 2011

¿El Spanglish Del Alcalde Bloomberg Es Muy Cómico, No?

Yeah, that's pretty bad. The first New York politician I can remember speaking Spanish was Nelson Rockefeller, who used to shout out greetings "to all my Puertoricanous amigos." Transparently ridiculous pandering, but, at least Rocky really did speak Spanish.

The inevitable parody Twitter account is @ElBloombito, where the not-so-fluent Alcalde puts out public service announcements like this one:

Alerto: If usted see el somethingador por favor to say somethingador. Los terroristeros estan mucho malo! Que vigilance!

Funny thing is, when I lived in Puerto Rico I often overheard people speaking almost exactly like that. This was how a Puerto Rican U.S. Army sergeant informed another Puerto Rican that the rear gate of Fort Buchanan is closed on weekends: "el rear gate esta cerrado por los weekends."

El Bloombito might not be so much of a parody after all.


Anonymous said...

Si Senor,es muy comico y ridiculamento. Hillary will need a new treasury secretary to explain
QE Cinco. I think he'll be great! gwb

Anonymous said...

WikiLeaks site comes under attack
Aug 30 09:38 PM US/Eastern

TSB: The US got most of the news outlets to quit cooperating with wikileaks. That's pretty impressive control of world wide media. Now we will see how effective STATE CYberwarfare is. gwb

TSB said...

WikiLeaks stepped up its game a few days ago by dumping many more State cables, and this new tranche was without any redaction of sensitive names.

I don't for a minute believe the USG attacked their site. It would be futile, since WL placed the cables on multiple sites, plus, it would set a bad precedent to cyber-retaliate against any website. Just not in our interest.

Julian Assange has plenty of other enemies in his own circles, and that kind of attack is more up their alley. When the USG attacks something, it normally does it kinetically.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point TSB! What do you think of the current libyan rebel leader asserting that he was renditioned and tortured by our CIA as a favor to Qadaffi after 2004? If true it would say the CIA will do anything it is told to do by the likes of "Vice". gwb

TSB said...

You know, I'm curious whether the rebel leadership agrees with Abdul Hakim Belhadj that he's the head of rebel military operations in Tripoli, but that's beside the point. He definitely was the head of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and was in Afghanistan on 9/11. He fled, was caught, and the CIA rendered him back to Libya.

If there was a favor involved in that, I'd say it was Qaddafi doing a favor for us by accepting him, rather than the other way around.

The CIA doesn't exactly take orders from the Vice President. It follows lawful executive orders and is accountable to Congress. Anyway, the extraordinary rendition program was created under President Clinton in 1995, so VP Cheney at least gets a pass on that.

So far as I can see, Cheney is a super staff man at the apex of administrative / executive skills. But that's it. I think the whole Cheney-as-evil-mastermind thing is just a device to let liberals resolve their Bush Derangement Syndrome. They realize they can't simultaneously think Bush-is-a-moron and Bush-is-supreme-evil, so they concoct this evil mastermind who manipulates the moron Bush from behind the scenes. The real Cheney is way too frail to support that much weight.