Sunday, November 13, 2011

No "Silly Shirt" Group Photo For APEC Honolulu

And so a grand tradition ends - poof - just like that. The leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum are off the hook this year, and will not have to do the customary, cringe-inducing, Native Costume group photo.

I think the "silly shirt" thing brought a welcome touch of the Monty Pythonesque to the last twenty APEC meetings, but apparently someone thinks otherwise.

Costume Shot Unnecessary, Obama Says:

To the chagrin of White House photographers but the relief of the 21 leaders at the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum that took place over the weekend, President Obama, as the host this year, may have packed away for good the two-decade tradition of having the group pose for a “family photo” in some garb representative of the host country.

-- snip --

It was hard to imagine that Mr. Obama — he of cool reserve, given to unflashy white shirts and plain ties — would ever submit to such apparel. And indeed, the president confirmed late Saturday at a luau for the leaders that he was giving them Hawaiian shirts, but that they could wear business suits for their photo.

Business suits? Wearing a business suit in Hawaii ought to be a crime. If ever there was a venue that cried out for the extremely casual, it is Hawaii.

Obama is such a drag. Nothing at all like Bill Clinton, who started the whole costume shot thing twenty years ago in Seattle. Now that was a President who was always the life of the party.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the truly "shocking" series of photos TSB! Even Puti-Put looks bad in these costumes. Obviously the President made this decision on his own. The suits look awful at the beach. Is that Japanese flotsam washed up on the beach? gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: A great idea for an invisible candidate with humor: Use campaign funds to get your message and your picture on MILK CARTONS! also.. stuff like: If you see this candidate notify CBS etc. gwb

TSB said...

An Amber Alert, like on highway signboards, and a knockoff of DHS's "if you see something (about Ron Paul) say something (to the Mainstream Media)." Yes!

Anonymous said...

That would surely make "Big Sis" sputter and fume! Perfect! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Pepe Escobar makes the case that "the marriage between capitalism and democracy is over" and has been replaced by politburos. (un-elected power brokers for whom laws, regulations or elections are just a nuisance.)
No mention of the US.. I guess we lost representative govt so long ago it's not worth mentioning. gwb

TSB said...

There is a marriage between capitalism and the state, if not with democracy. TARP, bailouts, green energy companies that go bust as soon as DOE's half-billion dollar check clears, etc.

One California venture capital firm that has gotten tons of taxpayer subsidies, contracts, and tax loopholes is packed with Democrat contributors and has Al Gore on its board. Those guys aren't really selling solar panels and electric cars, they're really in the business of buying government favors.

There may not be much democracy going on there, but I'd say there is capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Yes TSB: SAP=smart,arrogant and too phony even for Tipper! Portland
Police spent over $500,000 clearing two park blocks this weekend, but when this movement turns destructive I think we will be in the era of "Big Sis" and big demonstrations/shutdowns. About 10,000 showed up in downtown Portland Saturday nite. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: We need to keep the Secy of State away from the embassy while in "war on terror" countries: These people just don't understand how much we've been doing for them!


Anonymous said... (no pics in article) "Police said pepper spray was used only against demonstrators who refused orders to disperse or who assaulted police officers." Here is the pic!

Dorli Rainey, 84-Year-Old Occupy Seattle Protester, Pepper Sprayed
Message: Don't mess with Nordstroms! (1970 again!?) gwb

TSB said...

Well, at least the Mayor said he was sorry. Giuliani would have had her arrested for contempt.

Anonymous said...

She was great on K Olberman tonite.
I think she was with us in Seattle in 1970 facing off with 100's of Seattle riot police over Viet Nam! It was lots of fun back then with marching formations and thousands of shouting students. These new mega pepper spray canisters are over the top! gwb

Anonymous said...

She said an Iraq vet kept her from falling down and getting trampled.