Friday, February 26, 2016

Another 1,600 Pages of Hillary Clinton Email

The State Department made another Friday night document dump of Hillary Clinton emails, this time to the Benghazi Select Committee. You may browse them in the virtual FOIA reading room.


Anonymous said...

TSB: #1 disliked candidate for Prez nationally Donald Trump. #2 disliked candidate Hillary. The only candidate who is liked more than disliked is Bernie! (I finally saw his rally last night at 1am on C-Span)

Anonymous said...

TSB: Watching Jill Stein, MD on C-Span. Her concern in the 90's was the epidemic of new diseases in the 90's in young people. (asthma, cancer, diabetes, learning disabilities, obesity). The same people I am seeing now 15 to 20 years later. She got in 1 debate in Massachusetts (Romney for Gov) in 2002 and won it. She hasn't made another debate since then but would make a great VP for the 'Berne'. She's going to cancel all student debt give medicare for all and reform the $3 trillion health/sick care system. Plus she would bring an end to those 165 mph Feb tornados in Virginia! Ok.. time to go to work! gwb

TSB said...

If she could harness the energy of tornadoes and use it to pay off student loans plus power Google cars, then we'd really have something.