Tuesday, October 22, 2019

UK Police to Interview Driver in Harry Dunn Case

There was a development yesterday in what is becoming my daily post about the Harry Dunn / diplomatic immunity case. UK police will travel to the U.S. to interview the American driver, which is the last step necessary in order to complete the file that police will turn over to the Crown Prosecution Service.
“The suspect has cooperated fully with police and authorities and requested to be interviewed by British police officers under caution in the United States. She did not want to provide a pre-prepared statement, as is her right. As soon as we have the visas available officers from Northamptonshire police will be travelling to the United States.”

Of course, this does not mean that the driver can be arrested, nor even that the UK will try to extradite her from the U.S. They might, they might not.

Anything short of an immediate arrest will disappoint many people following the case from the UK. I saw one online comment today in which the writer fantasized about UK police poisoning the American during the interview, leaving her to die. Pretty par for the course for public sentiment.

We also learned a new bit of info from a report in the Telegraph:
Police interviewed and breathalysed Anne Sacoolas, wife of an American diplomat at the scene, but did not arrest her. She left the country citing diplomatic immunity and has since admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road and hitting the teenage motorcyclist.

The Telegraph went on to quote Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley, who, by the way, strikes me as the most straightforward official yet to have taken a public role in this matter, as saying:
“In any case, once the diplomatic immunity was flagged up, which it was the following day, it’s over. It ends. It finishes. The police can not move on the investigation with that suspect."

"I urge the family spokesman to exercise constraint in his commentary as the case moves forward."

"I understand the emotion and I understand the anxiety, I also understand the will and the want for answers to questions the family are asking."

"The suspect not being in the county clearly frustrates the investigation but it does not stop it."

"Lawyers have clearly stated that the suspect wants to be personally interviewed by officers from Northamptonshire Police in order for them to see her and the devastation this has caused her and her family.

She did not want to provide a pre-prepared statement which is her right to do so. We do understand from colleagues in the US that the family is utterly devastated."

So far, so good. But then the Telegraph commits a whooping untruth in its timeline of the case.
October 13

The Foreign Office writes to Mr Dunn's family saying Mrs Sacoolas does not have diplomatic immunity.

It becomes clear that her husband was an intelligence officer and not a registered diplomat in a recognised role, and therefore neither he nor his wife are entitled to diplomatic immunity.

Absolute nonsense. Look at any other post I've done labeled "Harry Dunn" to see why, or cut out the middleman and just read Articles 29, 31, and 37 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.


Anonymous said...

TSB NYT just stealth edited the original story about Hillary Clinton to claim that she didnt say the Russians were grooming Tulsi But that Republicans were

There is no correction, no notice, this was done quietly (@TimCast)

Pretty crafty of the NYT That should clean things up because the Dems are going to need SOMEBODY to defeat the Republicans besides that "Commie" Bernie Sanders.

TSB said...

Stealth edit, yes, I noticed that. Something embarrassed them.

Anonymous said...

TSB:FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated Evidence As Clapper Allegedly Issued 'Kill Shot' Order: Court Docs
The upper echelon of the FBI met to orchestrate it all... The part I love is that O'bama wanted to be kept aware of the whole thing on a daily basis. Which could lead to everybody blaming everybody else. We may need Ellen and GWB to sort this whole thing out but it looks like Michael is "In Like Flynn" gwb

TSB said...

A reversal of the Flynn conviction looks a lot more likely now that government misconduct has been pretty much established. In fact, the government investigators are now under investigation themselves.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Oh S**t ! Jennifer Hammons has exposed Tulsi and her whole family as lifelong cult followers... not Real Hindus. And turns out she took a lot of money from Lockheed Martin. So I'm going to drop the Cult thing and stick with the workout routine and Bernie's health plan.
gwb https://youtu.be/cGXxAeAb5Fc

Anonymous said...

TSB: OhOh! WARREN PLAYS TO EMPTY HALL Drudge headline!! The tweet got taken down but I guess Bernie's, 2,000 rockin and dancing fans beats what Warren got wherever this is? I bet Tim Cain is laughing his head off. That's what she gets for supporting Hillary in 2016. The picture looked like at least 70 people paying rapt attention to the "Hiawealth Tax details" gwb

TSB said...

I see Boeing contributed to Tulsi, but all her bucks are in pretty small numbers, nothing presidential-scale.


She and her parents are hippy-Hindus, a residue of the 60s, not *real* Hindus. I suppose she can try for more authenticity in her next life.

That Warren event audience was described as "sparse," which seems generous. But then, her wealth tax thing stirred up Bloomberg to jump in, so we might see a good old fashioned battle of the billionaires against the millionaires for the Democratic nomination, which would be fun.