Friday, June 11, 2021

BoJo Talks Harry Dunn Case With Biden

Again, and as always with the Harry Dunn case, we see the personal confused with the political.

President Biden met with Boris Johnson yesterday, and the later told the BBC that he found Biden 'sympathetic' over Harry Dunn case. We haven't heard anything like that from Biden, I notice.

It is wishful thinking to suppose, due to the coincidence that President Biden has himself experienced personal tragedy in a fatal traffic accident, that it will affect his decision-making on the matter of diplomatic immunity. Suggesting that it will is just tabloid bait.

The matter of diplomatic immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of host nations is a principle of international law that all nations of the world have adopted in their own interests. It will not be waived by the U.S. government in this, or any other, case, not unless President Biden and SecState Blinken suddenly decide they want to undermine our national interests, which I do not see happening.

Of course, the mother of Harry Dunn primed the British media yesterday, saying she would welcome a meeting with Biden. We haven't heard from Joe or his White House spokesperson yet on her offer, but I'm sure he'll clear his schedule for that meeting.

Here's the BBC story from this morning:
One topic that came up between the leaders of the US and UK yesterday was the ongoing issues surrounding the death of Harry Dunn.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he and President Biden are "working together" to end the row over whether Anne Sacoolas should face trial over the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn.

Sacoolas, an American citizen, claimed diplomatic immunity after the teenager died in a collision with her car almost two years ago.

Speaking at the G7, Johnson said the president was "extremely sympathetic" and "actively engaged" in the case.

The confirmation of talks comes after Biden's predecessor Donald Trump refused to intervene.

Crucially, it will raise hopes for the Dunn family that Ms Sacoolas could still be stripped of diplomatic immunity in order to face a British court over the death.

The prime minister says his counterpart has his “own personal reasons for feeling very deeply about the issue”.

Biden lost his first wife, Neilia Hunter, and their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash in 1972.
The WaPo noticed the BBC report (here) but added nothing new.

"Crucially, it will raise hopes for the Dunn family." Yes, but is that a good thing? Is it better to have false hopes than none at all?

"Working together to end the row" is an ambiguous phrase that could mean merely that Johnson wants the problem, or at least the public's interest in the problem, to go away. But you can read into it whatever other meaning you want. Henry Kissenger called that kind of thing 'constructive ambiguity.'

Regarding that tragic 1972 traffic accident, the driver of the truck involved was also named Dunn (here), oddly enough.

What's more, Biden has a close personal connection to another fatal traffic event, one that involved his younger brother and which resulted in a one million dollar damage award that his brother has never paid. I haven't seen that reported by the U.S. news media, but the UK Daily Mail is all over it:
Joe Biden's brother Frank owes dead man's family $1 MILLION for 80 mph car crash.

Frank Biden was found partially legally responsible for the death of Michael Albano in August 1999 but has never acknowledged his liability or paid any compensation - not even turning up for a single court hearing, meaning the case was a default judgment

So, if you're one of the many who want to believe that everything is personal and emotional, you can view Biden's interest in the Harry Dunn case in two differennt ways: does he feel more for the survivors of fatal traffic accidents, or more for the perpetrators of them?


Anonymous said...

TSB: If you want to get less confused about Anthony Fauci just pre-order Bobby Kennedy, Jr's new book " The Real Anthony Fauci" on Amazon -$27.95. It is going to be a #1 best seller. It describes the whole career of Fauci and his partnership with Bill Gates and the DOD to produce the pandemic with the CCP.
Great interview yesterday with Bobby and the Health Ranger! gwb

TSB said...

GWB: It seems Dr. Fauci is one of those people immune to normal criticism. His wife works for him in a senior role at NIH, which might be considered a conflict of interest if he were anyone else. At this point, if a political wants to go after Fauci he'll have to bring Kyrptonite.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Kennedy was deplatformed from Instagram for simply suggesting that the Wuhan lab be investigated as the source of the virus. Now everyone knows it was but a year ago Gates had such control over social media that even though every honest virologist suspected immediately this was true, they were all silent for fear of loosing their jobs.
The epidemics in coeliac disease, food allergies, autism, diabetes, autism. rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune disease all began in the same year. in 1960 7% of Americans had a chronic disease. Now it is approaching 50%. Being white is now officially a psychiatric disorder and billions have been spent to defeat vaccine "hesitancy". gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: It's flu season in Chile and they have ordered a complete shutdown in Santiago because even though 70% of the population has been vaccinated the hospital system is overloaded. It sounds like we are beginning to see the results of those perfectly safe and effective vaccines as predicted by virologists such as Montaignier of France. (sp?) gwb
Also we need to ban Chinese purchases of property that are a threat to national security. Ban CCP Land Ownership In The USA: A New Bill From Texas:Rob Roy problem is the no Dems support it!

Anonymous said...

TSB: The guy who got a Pulitzer for exposing the Bill Clinton's secret meeting with the AG committed suicide after death threats. As I recall, Hillary was quite upset that she lost that election even though she had to rig the nomination and the polling. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: That airport tarmac meeting story was pretty incredible, since it was a rare glimpse of how the high and mighty do their deals - or, in this case, how they have their seconds do the work for them - away from public view.

Too many of those stories and the public might get the heretical idea that the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Santa Clara County demands your vaccination records be turned over the the health department by all businesses and updated regularly or they will be fined $5,000 for each violation. Sounds a little unconstitutional to me. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: With medical privacy laws being what they are, I'm surprised Santa Clara would try tht. A judge will probably stop them.

Anonymous said...

TSB: It is being instituted in WA state as well. The big story today I think is Merrick Garland launching "The War Against Domestic Terrorism". (What used to be called hate crimes.) The 4 pillars of this new war are: 1. Expanded information gathering using all police agencies. 2. Big Tech 3. Congress and 4. The Justice Dept and all related Departments of the Executive Branch.

They are going to go after white supremacist extremists like the ones who tried to overthrow the government by force on January 6th and those who tried to kill the Congressional Baseball Team, and those seeking to overthrow the recent election. In other words, total police state.Yer either for us or yer a racist! gwb PS: We are about to cross 600,000 Covid Deaths despite all the vaccinations. Doesn't that seem strange?

Anonymous said...

TSB: Government admits the FBI organized Jan 6th insurrection with 20 agents. The agents in charge were "unindicted" individuals #1,2 and 3. And now we know their names.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Australia in ‘a terrible lot of trouble’ with $90b ‘con-job’ submarine program: They signed a $23 billion deal with the French in 2016 for 12 large submarines to be built in Adelaide by Australian workers. Nothing has been built yet and the eventual price looks to be $125 to $150 billion. Did I mention that these subs are conventionally powered and easy to find and destroy? Seems no one anticipated any problems with China. gwb
I think they took everyone's guns away too and ruined their tourist industry.

TSB said...

GWB: If a group of demonstrators is trying to "overthrow the government" by posing for selfies in Statuary Hall and parking their asses in Nancy Pelosi's chair, they'll have to try a whole lot harder. That was no overthrow, that was just a disorderly spontaneous demonstration that was horrendously mishandled by the Capitol Police, who initially waved the demonstrators in and then overreacted and tried to force them all back out through the same door at the same time, leading to four people being trampled to death.

OTOH, the premeditated attempted mass murder of the Republican Congressional softball team a few years ago by a Bernie supporter armed with what the FBI would call an assault rifle was clearly politically-motivated violence. But, the FBI keeps insisting they have no idea what the Bernie Bro's motive could possibly have been, even though his victims say they heard him yelling "this is for health care" as he fired at them.

From that, I take away the lesson that how the FBI regards our dissidents depends 100 percent on who those dissidents choose to attack, or even to merely harass.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I hear they have boarded up the FBI and some other fed gwbbuildings in DC because they are expecting white extremists and anti-vaxers to attack soon, maybe this weekend. Monkey Werx is reporting a lot of flights from Central America into Texas which could be carrying weapons and uniforms.
On a humorous note, apparently when Joe arrived in the UK his first act was to address US troops. Problem was they didn't want him to address real US troops so they got "actors" . No names or rank insignia on the uniforms and they had been instructed on when to applaud, laugh etc while Joe kept repeating over and over to them how much they were loved and appreciated for defending our values and traditions thru all the wars of the last 100 years.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team Resigns After Officer Indicted For Breaking Up Antifa Riot: I was out running errands today when I passed the "SWAT" Vehicle. I was glad I didn't have my 'Follow Me To The Rally Sticker " on my bumper. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I saw that video drive-by of the FBI building, and I can tell you it looks like that all the time and has for years. The building is so decrepit that parts of the facade fall off all the time, and large parts of the interior are vacant. The employees don't enter and exit through the street-facing side that the video captured.

On the Portland riot cops, I think by 'resigning' it means they are just going back to regular patrol and not doing call-ups for riot control.

Anonymous said...

TSB: That "Rapid Response Force" is comprised of unpaid volunteers if I understand the story correctly. m ostly retired police officers, mp's etc who are un-paid. Portland news stories are always distorted.
Apparently the new (2018) Chief of CCP Counter-Terrorism has defected to the US along with many Terrabytes of Chinese secret files including all their secret weapons and tons of intelligence on the US Intelligence Services that are VERY embarassing. This was confirmed by another Chinese defector in the story in the Washington Beacon. Tony Blankin did not know about this until recently because only "DIA" had the info. Apparently Xi is not happy and neither is Tony Fauci. gwb