Monday, November 2, 2009

I Live For the Uncouth and Absurd

I don't know how he saw through my anonymity, but it's easy to tell that the author of the Foreign Service Journal article on the FS Blogosphere in 2009 has been visiting my office:

“He or she [it's "he"] reacts promptly and responsibly to even the most uncouth respondent or absurd situation with equanimity, humor and meticulousness.”

Yes, that pretty much sums up my daily routine.

It's not so easy to see why the author overlooked such prominent blogs as Consul-at-Arms II and Life After Jerusalem (especially since both were featured in an earlier FSJ article), not to mention the missing but still magnifique Madam Le Consul. Clearly, his sampling of the FS Blogosphere was very spotty.

Anyway, I'm adding this statement to my annual review: "During the rating period I remained equanimical and meticulous in the face of the uncouth and absurd." And I'll try to keep that up in 2010.


Digger said...

We should all strive to remain "equanimical and meticulous in the face of the uncouth and absurd."

I think that will be my new personal goal!

Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for the mention, on behalf of all that is uncouth and absurd.

Jill said...

I too was surprised that the author overlooked those blogs ...

Nor do I understand why they put blogs on there that hadn't posted articles in months... some, almost a year!

There's great stuff out there. Congrats on being mentioned.