Monday, December 28, 2009

Internal Blogging at State?

Should Madam le Consul return, only this time as an in-house project on the State Department's intranet?

The idea has been proposed at The Sounding Board [the link will work only if you're on a computer connected to the intranet], the State Department's employee suggestion box. No comments have yet been entered for that suggestion, which kind of surprises me.

Is internal blogging fundamentally a bad idea?


Anonymous said...

There are nearly 75 internal State Department blogs on the Intelink Communites @ State site accessible for all USG personnel.

Anonymous said...

The Sounding Board IS an internal blog.

TSB said...

I don't know that I'd call The Sounding Board a blog, exactly. It's more like a bulletin board or an open suggestion box.

Communities@State is more like an internal blog. I haven't spent any time on it myself, but that's just because none of the topical areas really interest me. I suppose it could be a suitable venue for something like The Consul's Files.