Monday, June 28, 2010

Natasha Fatale of 99 Fake Street

My very favorite part of today's news about the arrest of ten Russian agents who had been living in the U.S. comes at page 13, paragraph 21 (a), of this complaint, when the highly trained Russian illegal intelligence agent Anna Chapman buys a cell phone and calling cards in order to covertly communicate with Moscow Center, and on her Motorola customer purchase agreement she lists her home address as "99 Fake Street."

No wonder it took us so long to capture this crew.

"Boris! Is moose and squirrel!"


A Daring Adventure said...

You know what? When I saw in the news that these folks had been arrested, I totally thought to myself, "I wonder what TSB will say?"

Lanyards, Dude. Although I'm still holding out for tshirts.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Agent 99 of CONTROL as an inspiration.

TSB said...

Ah, yes, Agent 99. She was the best thing about that old show. Her, and the Cone of Silence in the Chief's office.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know that those two top KAOS operating as a registered Delaware General Corporation for tax purposes.
Meantime, the skinny on today's required viewing, the excellent 1991 BBC mini-series comedy, Sleepers: "Amidst the thaw of Glasnost, the Kremlin discovers that two Soviet agents, sent to England under deep cover in 1965, have been 'lost.' A beautiful and ambitious Russian agent, sent to London to track them down, becomes embroiled in a tangle of CIA, KGB and MI-5 plots and counter-plots as the two lost agents, now utterly assimilated, try to avoid detection" -Internet Movie Data Base. A terrific show, shot somewhat in the styles of Smiley's People and Day of the Jackal.

TSB said...

Sleepers!!! Thank you. You're the first person I've heard mention that old movie, but it was exactly what I thought of when I read about these Russian illegals dickering with Moscow Center over their suburban mortgages and cars, etc. Those Reds never wanted to go home.