Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Boss Went to Washington And All I Got Was This Empty Holster

Thefts from checked airline luggage happen, but this week they happened to the Israeli PM's protective detail and four Glocks were stolen:

Several pistols belonging to bodyguards of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took an unexplained cross-country U.S. detour this week before four of them went missing altogether, officials said on Wednesday.

-- snip -

A U.S. source familiar with the matter told Reuters that two suitcases bearing seven handguns in all -- four in one bag, three in the other -- arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York with Israel's security detail and were rechecked for a flight to Washington. But neither bag made it there.

Instead, both bags were later retrieved at Los Angeles International Airport, then were flown back to Washington through Chicago. When the two suitcases were reopened in Washington, the four guns from one bag were discovered to be missing, but it remained unknown where along the line the firearms were taken, the source said.

This embarrassment would never, and I mean never, have happened to The Zohan.

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