Thursday, June 25, 2015

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

It'd be a dull Big Fat Greek Wedding if no one got arrested

"Seven arrested at wedding reception melee in Ontelaunee" - Reading Eagle

About a dozen police departments in Berks County responded to restore order in the melee Saturday at Blue Falls Grove.

The bride was on the ground, surrounded by several females, police said. Showalter asked if she was all right, and she said she was not but “was just very upset at what happened” … The bride was later treated by Muhlenberg ambulance for alcohol poisoning and dehydration.

As police tried to restore order, the groom, Nicholas Papoutsis, 31 … challenged the officers to fight … “I tried reasoning with him, telling him that he didn't really want to get arrested on his wedding night,” Showalter wrote in the affidavit.


James said...

Sounds like a grand time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

TSB: James! Good news. It is so hot and dry in Oregon and W. Washington... I will be working in 100 degrees today in Portland... they have cancelled FIREWORKS!! George is running around the neighborhood notifying all the dogs and cats that

TSB said...

James: It wasn't the absolute worst wedding punchup I've ever heard of, but it was a good one. I especially loved the mugshots in the news article. I saw at least two neck tattoos (among the male arrestees) plus a few broken noses. Not new broken noses; this wasn't their first melee. To quote Homer Simpson, "Beer! The cause, and the cure, of all life's misfortunes."

James said...

GWB: Just think if you had to work in 100+degrees for 60+days a year like we do.

Skep: Love the pics too. Reminded me a lot of that part of my family from Thorndale Tx, a problematic bunch at family reunions.

Anonymous said...

James: Good point! And for bricklayer wages to boot!! That's how the SRP at Ft. Hood was built and then abandoned and torn down. Jobs were always available and the wages for each skill category posted on a sign. I think the lowest wage was like $7.87/hr Backhoe driver was like 11 something. Nobody spoke English or was over 5'9". I introduced a new concept today: 'UNDERWEAR ON ICE'...fresh tshirt in a small ice chest. It worked for an hour but wasn't iced nearly well enough. Next time aluminum Hefweizen cans on top! gwb

PS: Don't forget those 'warm Texas breezes'!which allow you to drive 85 with a tail wind!