Saturday, June 27, 2015

What Fresh Hell Can This Be?

No, this can't be real. Bud Light - bad enough by itself - with clam juice?  With clam juice! No amount of lime and salt could possibly make that tolerable.

And it has only 4.2 percent alcohol, so there is no way I could ever got drunk enough on that stuff to not care that I was drinking beer with clam juice.

Who thought that up? And who drinks it, except maybe on a bet?

Coming soon: beer with goat cheese!


James said...

Beer and tomato juice was a big favorite here in Austin with the hipsters. Another plague unleashed upon the civilized world by Austin.

TSB said...

James: Beer with vegetables? That sounds worse than beer with fruit. Next they'll put little umbrellas in them and call them beer coladas. Where will it end?

Anonymous said...

Guys: I'm waiting for beer with psychedelic mushrooms. Olympic Peninsula forest service and immigration guys have totally squashed the Mexican mushroom pickers but I met a guy down there last week who's been making a great living picking them for 20 years. (you have to do it at night) Then he mixes it with too much whiskey and gets' 'drop attacks' where he can't breathe from laryngospasm. Fortunately, wife is a former Army medic and she calls 911 and wakes him up with CPR. Prices are through the roof but we need to offshore these operations and let Budweiser in on a share of the profits to get it approved. gwb PS They would have to add Peyote to get it into Arizona. Rick Perry is strongly against it.

Anonymous said...

TSB;James! The Limerick King is Back!! Talking about Ben Bernanke who got out while the getting were good!

An ode to a Grecian contagion

Austerity victims are ragin'
These debts can't be paid

It's a Klepto charade
And soon WWIII we'll be wagon'

The Limerick King