Saturday, November 7, 2015

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

Battery Charge Dropped In Dildo Attack Case - The Smoking Gun


Anonymous said...

Great reporting TSB! I think the wave of drug legalization has peaked. Trump and Kasich will clean up this mess. (and the new Jack Reacher book on the 'deep internet' is a winner) gwb

James said...

Well TSB, this certainly covers a wide spectrum of human behavior. I noticed they didn't have a pic of the aggrieved party. Name tattooed across the chest, 25 keys in a renta-car, fastest dildo east of the Mississippi, and ex-felon ex-correctional officer. No wonder convicted male murderers are fleeing for their lives from prisons.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I am raising charges of MURDER in this case because I don't believe in coincidences among proven liars. gwb (this looks like another CIA hit to remember when that football star was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan? They lied about that for years to keep the war everytime.) Kerry blasting RT is,well, a blast!

Anonymous said...

Putin targets Libya and Yemen next 'to protect Russian interests'

VLADIMIR PUTIN has issued his strongest warning yet of fresh military interventions in the Middle East, with lawless Libya and war-torn Yemen in the Kremlin's crosshairs. (UK Express)

TSB: Putin says russkies have made 263 airstrikes against ISIS in last 2 days at the '5th World Congress of Compatriots' meeting in Moscow. He promised to protect Russian citizens wherever they are in the world. Looks like Yemen and Libya are next. Trump applauds this and Hillary had no comment. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Monday funnies: I'm Ash Carter and yes, that's my aircraft carrier down there. He also said Russia is getting ready to nuke the US and today is sending 'contingency forces' to the Baltic area. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: You would never know what happened in Jordan today by listening to Jake Tapper. gwb
(8 dead? 14 wounded? Looks like somebody left the keys to the Hashemite Kingdom laying around. He may need some sick leave pretty soon.)

Anonymous said...

TSB: When asked about this proposal, Trump said: "Mexico is not Indonesia. My fence will be more like the Isreali fence. Very effective! But if Hillary is convicted we may need to consider the Indonesian approach to keep her in". Jeb! had no comment ahead of tonite's debate. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee Jones said today that the US needs boots on the ground in Syria to Occupy and Govern that country! Except for Rand Paul, the whole Republican lineup will be trying to outdo each other in support of this. And Trump will win by adding "and be sure to grab the oil." gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I'll be interested to see whether any candidates show an appetite for more war. It may well be a populist moment, and that favors staying out of Syria.

Anonymous said...

TSB: For a no fly zone over Syria and Iraq: Fiorina, Rubio, Bush,Carson Trump. Rand Paul gained the most in online polling by saying that is totally stupid because we're broke! Cruz will put us back on the gold standard and end all government regulation.

Both Trump and Paul said we need to quit arming ISIS and that Bush and Obama equally created ISIS supported by all the politicians.(The crowd gasped! and Jeb had a hissy fit.)

Fiorina is a Fox darling and is and ready to start WWIII and call it Putin's fault. Trump only threw 2 punches all nite and both were about constant interruptions by Fiorina and Kasich.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I have figured one thing out from the debates: I am anti-establishment. I don't think any of the candidates on either side are anti-establishment. The establishment seems to be behind all the stuff none of them will talk about.
1.Spying on everyone who is a threat to the establishment. (2 days ago Ore Atty general admitted compiling files on over 100,000 FB users who mentioned 'black lives matter' and putting that together with license plate photos.)
2.The print and broadcast media who are all simply reading what their employers put in front of them while running ads for the companies that seek to destroy everyone's lives. ie, CNBC and ESPN both run constant ads for 'Fan Duel' and flag waving, wounded warriors charities, drugs nobody can afford etc.
3.Higher taxes and preservation of the IRS tax breaks.
4.Stopping terror threats through open borders,prison gangs and cheap marijuana, meth and cocaine.
5.Create more jobs through automation, robots,federal education standards, gun control and secret trade deals that weigh 100 LBS!! (That one, by the way will instantly bankrupt all Canadian farmers by allowing cheap milk, beef, eggs and grain to flood their country=Instant Depression for Canada.)

So, I don't know who is running this place but I'm Anti !! gwb