Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Fake Bomb Detectors Are Back, And This Time They're Egyptian

Hey, a guy with an empty box! 

The notorious fake bomb detector that was sold under the name ADE 651, among others, before its manufacturers were sent to prison in the UK for fraud, is back in use once again. This time it's Egyptian hotels in Sharm El Sheik that are using them to not find hidden bombs.

The Daily Mail reports:
British families in Sharm El Sheikh are being guarded with useless bomb detectors based on a bogus device produced by UK fraudsters, the Mail can reveal.

The revelation comes as Egyptian police investigate whether a Sharm hotel worker might be responsible for a suspected attack on a Russian passenger jet. Police fear a bomb may have been smuggled inside luggage.

As thousands of UK families were still waiting to fly home yesterday, the Mail discovered fraudulent 'scanning devices' were being used to protect at least five top hotels packed with Britons. Security guards use them to 'sweep' guests, their cars and luggage.

But experts say these 'screening tools' are almost identical to the bogus devices produced by British fraudsters and sold for millions to foreign governments, resulting in prosecutions in 2013 and 2014.

The Egyptian army appears to have copied these devices and produced its own version called C-Fast, which is being used across Sharm.

It means a terrorist bomb could easily have been smuggled into a hotel, put in a passenger's luggage and potentially taken on to a plane. Since C-Fast devices are made by the Egyptian army, it is likely they are also used at Sharm's airport.

Why not use them at the Sharm airport? The same scam detectors were, and possibly still are, in use at airports in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iraq, among other places.

The ADE 651 consists of an empty box and a telescoping antenna. And nothing else. They have no operating parts, or technology, or theory of operation, or test results, or any history of actually detecting anything. It's an empty box. And yet, the government of Iraq spent $85 million to equip its forces with them. So did other nations. Click on the "ADE 651" label below this post and prepare to be amazed at how many nations bought them, defended them, and continued to use them even after the UK locked up the snake oil salesmen who sold them.

So now the Egyptian Army has joined the scam with its own knock-off version called the C-Fast. Well, there's a fool born every minute. I just wonder whether the Army is fooling itself, or only those British tourists?


Anonymous said...

TSB: Maybe they got them from the Iraqi's at a big discount? I think the Egyptians are also passing out teddy bears. gwb

James said...

Just as effective as any TSA checkpoint in the USA.

TSB said...

James: We have our TSA problems, but at least they haven't bought those magic wands. And, like GWB says, they could probably get some great prices on gently used Iraqi surplus.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Would they work for Bass fishing or finding gold or water? ($19.95?) gwb


Now if you also want the bomb resistant protective helmet and wader boots that would be 3 easy payments of $19.95.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I have been reading Karen Dawisha's book: Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia
The death of Lesin in DC last weekend looks more similar to a number of deaths Putin visited on former 'associates' who didn't take subtle hints to leave or resisted him in some way. All kinds of poisonings in there.
Putin would always send his condolences to the family. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: They will work on Bass, gold, or anything else you want to find IF you believe they will work. It's like Tinkerbell - applaud if you believe, and you kids will save Tink!

Anonymous said...

TSB: Oh Good!! An anti-establishment federal judge agrees with me. gwb


the naïveté and blind acceptance Congress mistakenly presumed the public and court would give the contentiously invasive program:

“To be sure, the very purpose of the Fourth Amendment would be undermined were this court to defer to Congress’s determination that individual liberty should be sacrificed to better combat today’s evil.”
Employing linguistic subtlety which, at times, borders on a verbal smackdown, Judge Richard Leon brilliantly sent the NSA, Congress, and rest of the government a message that couldn’t be denied this second time around: Nobody buys your bullshit.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Look at all the places considered only 'partially safe'by the Brits. gwb (probably cause they look too much like us?)


I wonder how big is the list of 'REALLY UNSAFE' places is? On a brighter note Jihaddy John was 'targeted'agin today so we may have killed him for the 8th time! Damn Varmint!

TSB said...

GWB: It's that understated British phrasing. Maybe they have a list of Places Not Quite So Unsafe As The Very Unsafe Places, in the style of Monty Python?

Anonymous said...

TSB: Ooops! CBS just announced they are going to 'shift the focus' of tonite's debate to foreign policy. That was nimble! gwb

TSB said...

Shifting the topic now is like a quarterback calling an audible when the team is in the huddle. No problem with these players. Hillary is totally scripted, and Sanders improvises everything anyway.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Look at all the arms contracts Hollande got from the backers of ISIS since 2011. gwb


Anonymous said...

TSB: Top Reasons only non-politicians can win Presidential election:
1. Obamacare: Huge backlash from middle class workers who can't afford the deductibles, Rx costs and premium increases, hacked medical records.
2. Crime and Drugs: Politicians are responsible for stopping it and it can't be stopped.
3.Taxes:Through the roof to pay for underfunded pensions more cops, teachers,bad roads and failing schools.
4. Terrorism: Paris will have shown that smarter terrorists and economic failure (think Paris terrorists coming thru Greece and coordinated in Brussels)means a few jihadi's can shut down an economy and be untraceable.
5. Food costs going sky high around the world due to famine and pestilence = more Jihadis. Looks to me like Trump wins because he will simply point out that the politicians are just puppets.