Monday, November 23, 2015

OBO's Year in Review Video

It's Fortress Embassies on Parade in this institutional self-congratulatory video showing off all the new embassy construction projects that were completed or are in progress during 2015. I'm lifting a glass to my good friends in the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations as I type this.

The video is introduced by SecState Kerry, who is well known to be a fan of good public architecture. He opens by talking a bit about the Poetry of Architecture versus the Prose of Security, I think it was. And then he talks a bit more about The Face of America, which foreigners can perceive in the façades of our embassies. Then he talks a bit more still about how protection is our top priority BUT we must not allow our security footprint to leave our visitors with the wrong impression.

Please enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That's real good TSB! gwb

James said...

Both of you have a good Thanksgiving. A quick thought on the film. The iffier the place the more concrete, the safer more glass. Some of those places I could have walked onto and felt right at home. I now know where all the I. M. Pei wanna bees went to.

TSB said...

James: I hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving as well. I guess you're right about that concrete-to-glass relationship. The worse the security environment, the heavier our footprint.

Anonymous said...

Thanks James and TSB! You too!! gwb

Anonymous said...

James: Do you sometimes have the feeling that your freeways are too crowded and slow? Construction delays and cost over-runs putting nerves on edge? Ask your Dr. about Chi-Com construction. They can build almost anything virtually overnite! gwb (they are even using machines now)