Friday, October 16, 2009

Diversity Lottery is a Safe Bet

The U.S. Diversity Lottery is never a gamble, which will reassure concerned Muslims who are thinking about applying, like the one in the United Kingdom who asked the Imam:

Would you please let me know if participating in US DV Lottery is permissible according to the Islamic Sharia.

The Imam assured him it is religiously permissible.

Now, as for his odds of winning, that depends on which country he is applying from. Wikipedia has a handy chart of winning chances, by which I see that applicants from Asia have the lowest odds of getting a United States Permanent Resident Card, just a bit over one half of one percent.

That's bad luck for the on-line Imam's follower, since I'm guessing that he is a South Asian residing in the U.K., and not a U.K. citizen. The later are not eligible for the lottery because the U.S. Congress figures we have enough of their sort here already. (My family hit the jackpot by getting here from Cornwall before the U.S. started valuing diversity so much!)

So, roll the dice on that DV-2011 application. Place your bets. Maybe double down with a few multiple entries. And you, too, can be the winner of a coveted green card.

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