Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Not Sell Visas?

Diplopundit's post on a visa fraud ring that was able to charge Ukrainian visa applicants $12,000 has me wondering, not for the first time, why the U.S. government doesn't simply sell immigrant visas at their actual market value?

There would be ample precedent. The USG charges market prices for other valuable commodities, such as broadcasting licenses and certain agricultural and mineral rights. Clearly, some people believe that a U.S. visa is worth paying quite a bit of money for; provided they are not legally disqualified for entry into the U.S., why shouldn't we sell those people visas on a for-profit basis?

Maybe I'm overlooking some terribly obvious legal, moral, or political reason why we should not do this. But, frankly, a visa auction seems like a good way to put a price on that valuable commodity.

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Anonymous said...

$12K is way under-priced. Supposedly a B1/B2 with the chance to claim asylum went for $45K or more at my old post... Then again, we do have the investment visas!